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Noordkaper and Gebr. van Enkhuizen

Since 1999 we have been building the Noorkaper to the design of Martin Bekebrede, a yacht designer who more than earned his spurs in the world of water sports. Over the years we have not only built this ship, but also finetuned and further developed it. Noordkapers built by Gebroeders van Enkhuizen distinguish themselves and that is why we call them ‘Enksail Noordkapers’, abbreviated Enksail NK.

In brief

The Enksail NK is built by us in a range from 40 to 60 feet in steel. It is a long keel yacht where you can also choose for a hydraulic keel construction to reduce the minimum draught and increase the maximum draught. The yacht is cutter rigged an can easily be sailed by two people. In addition, the yacht has a lot of interior space in relation to its length.


The yacht is semi-custom-built, which means that you yourself can leave your mark on this interior space in terms of styling and layout. This way the ship will have a personal touch of the owner, no Enksail NK will be the same. Of course you will receive professional advice from us to organize the yacht as efficiently and practically as possible. The Enksail NK is definitely a yacht of very good quality that will meet your personal wishes.

“Instead of sailing off into the sunset,
he hopes to sail into the next century.”

Dave Anderson

It’s comfortable on deck too

The pilothouse of the Enksail NK is a real eye catcher: not only beautiful to look at, but also offers comfort and safety. Everyone can sit inside dry, warm and safe, during heavy weather. This way you can extend the sailing season when the weather worsens. There is a 360 degrees visibility in the pilothouse, which is fine both while sailing and in the marina.

How do you want your interior?

The interior can be tailored to your wishes, adjusted to the number of people aboard and where you’ll be sailing. Many wishes have already passed our drawing board: a studio, an editing suite where TV programmes can be edited, a workshop and an office. As long as it fits inside the yacht, the possibilities are limitless. What is your dream?

Always a lovely view: inside and out

The pilothouse offers a good view to the outside, so you never have the feeling to bivouac in a cellar. You’ll also find a spacious navigation corner and often a secondary engine controls combined with an electronic helm. The panelling is made of cherry wood as standard, ut if you prefer a different type of wood or coloured panels, we can do that too. There is a huge range of options for styling and finishes for you to choose from, which will make your Enksail NK unique.

“I can’t control the wind,

but I can adjust the sail.”

Ricky Skaggs

The Enksail NK label

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen not only built the Noordkaper, but also finetuned and further developed the model. The clearly visible difference and quality difference between the Noordkapers built by Gebroeders van Enkhuizen and other shipyards has been the reason to make a Enksail NK label.

Certified Enksail NK's

Maintenance and service

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is also committed to  the maintenance and servicing of existing yachts. Our shipyard will continue to provide support and service to keep your yacht in tip top condition, for many years to come. Therefore, you can look forward to many years of sailing pleasure with as little worry as possible. Ownership of a Enksail NK is something you will be, and will remain proud of.

Woud you like to know more about the Enksail Noordkaper

Would you like to know more about the Enksail Noordkaper? Our shipyard is located at the Strânwei 11 in Makkum. We would be happy to make time for you to discuss all your wished and our options.

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“As soon as I get on my boat,
something inside me changes.
Then I really feel what living is”

Laura Dekker

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