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  • Motor Yachts
    Motor Yachts
    Our portfolio of motor yachts consists of the Enkcraft Mackum, Enkcraft Statum, Sossego Comfort and Sossego Sport.
  • Noordkaper
    Sailing Yachts
    Sailing Yachts
    Our portfolio sailing yachts consists of the Enksail, Enksail Noordkaper and Enksail Orion.
  • Other Designs
    Other Designs
    Do you have your own design? Then you can always inquire about the possibilities.
  • Brokerage
    In addition to Yacht Building, we regularly have used yachts for sale. Here you will find used yachts.

Yacht Building

Welcome to our Yacht Building. Yachts of Gebroeders van Enkhuizen are characterized by high quality finishes and clear technical installations. Since 1992, we have been building custom motor yachts and sailing yachts of steel and aluminium for both private individuals and other shipyards. Are you curious about the yachts we have built over the years? Then take a look at our fleet.

Our fleet

The building process

All our yachts are custom build. This means that the customer has a great deal of influence on the yacht’s equipment and the layout and styling of the interior. Of course we will assist you with all of our experience to translate your wishes into the yacht in a well-considered way. Our mission is to build your dream together with you. We often hear from clients that the building process is almost as much fun as sailing the yacht itself.


The involvement of Gebroeders van Enkhuizen does not end with the delivery of the yacht. After the yacht has been built, we will provide you with advice, assistance, service and maintenance for as long as you wish. We are an all-round yacht service company and offer you more than just yacht building. Many of our yachts return annually for winter storage and maintenance. But service outside the Dutch borders is also possible.


  • Enkcraft Mackum
    Enkcraft Mackum
    Steel motor cruiser suitable for small waterways in a series of 13.50 to 18 meters.

Enkcraft Mackum

The Enkcraft Mackum is designed for sailing on lakes, rivers and canals. It is made of steel and has, thanks to its double engines in combination with a bow thruster, optimum manoeuvrability between commercial vessels on large rivers. This while engine noise, draught and vertical clearance are kept to a minimum. The Enkcraft Mackum is built in a series of 13.50 to 18 metres.

  • enkcraft statum
    enkcraft statum
    Fast sailing aluminium motor yacht in a series from 18 to 24 meters.

Enkcraft Statum

Do you prefer to go into the open water? No sea is too high for an Enkcraft Statum. This yacht is available as a steel cruiser and a fast sailing aluminium motor yacht. You can choose from a range between 15 and 24 meters. Different seating groups on deck give you the opportunity to relax in the sun or shade. With her upright windows of the wheelhouse she has the appearance of a (mini) mega yacht.

  • Sossego Comfort
    Sossego Comfort
    Beautifully lined fast sailing and comfortable motor yacht. Versions of 22 and 27 meters.

Sossego Comfort

Do you like speed and comfort? Then this Sossego is an ideal yacht for you. The Sossego is designed by Mulder Design, an authority on designing fast motor yachts. In this fast sailing motor yacht, maximum comfort is combined with minimum maintenance. The Sossego Comfort is a fast sailing aluminium motor yacht from 22 to 27 meters built entirely of Dutch manufacture.

  • sossego sport
    sossego sport
    Fantastic fast sailing motor yacht, but also a real fun boat. Version of 23 meters.

Sossego Sport

The Sossego Sport is a fantastic fast motor yacht, but also a fun boat. A speed of over 40 knots can easily be achieved thanks to the two diesel engines, each delivering 1100 hp. In addition, the well-designed underwater hull guarantees a good seaway and a beautiful glide. From a technical point of view, the 23 metre long Sossego Sport is a masterpiece and in combination with her looks, the yacht is a real pleasure to sail with.


  • enksail
    Modern aluminium sailing yacht suitable for long stays on board. Series from 45 to 80 feet.


The Enksail is an aluminium sailing yacht with a very luxurious appearance that, above all, ensures a lot of sailing pleasure. In the design we have incorporated all our experiences. We have also taken into account the various wishes of our previous customers. For example, we are often told that there is a need for cooking with a view. From the Enksail 50 it is therefore possible to place the galley in the pilothouse. For this sailing yacht a range has been developed form 45 to 80 feet.

  • enksail noordkaper
    enksail noordkaper
    Steel sailing yacht characterized by its comfortable deckhouse. Series from 40 to 60 feet.

Enksail Noordkaper

Since 1999 we have been building steel Noordkapers to the design of Martin Bekebrede in the range form 40 to 60 feet. The Noordkaper is characterized by its spacious pilothouse: beautiful to look at, but also offers comfort and safety. During heavy weather everyone can sit inside dry, warm and safe. This makes the Noordkaper very suitable for long trips and it will expend the sailing season.

  • enksail orion
    enksail orion
    Sporty aluminium sailing yacht. The range consists of a 49 and 54-feet.

Enksail Orion

The Enksail Orion not only has the appearance of a fast ship, it is alo. This design by Kees van de Stadt combines safety with sailing performance and comfort. The hull is standard bare aluminium, which offers advantages in terms of maintenance. With is straight bow, the Orion line looks modern. Due to the sporty hull shape, the ship has little water displacement, making it easy to sail with little effort. The Orion range consists of a 49 and 54-footer.


Custom buid

In addition to our lines motor yachts and sailing yachts, we also build fully custom yachts. Over the years we have carried out a wide range of new-build projects on a custom basis for both private individuals and other shipyards. We have made custom sailing yachts, fast sailing yachts and motor cruisers in aluminium, steel and polyester. Building a custom yachts becomes interesting from a cost-technical point of view from approximately 13 meters. Do you have a design and are looking for a builder? You can always inquire about the possibilities. To give you some insight into the possibilities, some custom build projects are presented below.

View all our yachts


For yacht building you have come to the right place. In addition, it regularly happens that we offer used yachts for sale. Our offer of used yachts is listed below. Are you interested in one of these yachts? Then please send an email to info@gebrvanenkhuizen.nl for more information. You can also call 0515-232665.

Fram, Enksail Noordkaper 40

Length hull 12.00m
Width 4.00m
Draft 1.25 – 2.25m
Engine  Yanmar 4 cilinder 75hp
Displacement 17 tons
Sail area 95 m2
Built 2009
Price €345.000

Noordkaper built in 2007.

Maaike Maria, Noordkaper 43 – SOLD

Length hull 13.00m
Width 4.35m
Draft 1.40 – 2.60m
Engine  Yanmar 4 cilinder 100hp
Displacement 19 tons
Sail area 115 m2
Built 2007
Price €350.000

Noordkaper built in 2007.

Dutch Rose, Enksail Noordkaper 43

Length hull 13.00m
Width 4.35m
Draft 1.40 – 2.60m
Engine  Yanmar 4 cilinder 110hp
Displacement 19 tons
Sail area 115 m2
Built 2009
Price €495.000

Enksail NK built in 2009.

Falcon, Sossego Comfort 22

Length 22.00m
Width 5.80m
Draft 1.30m
Engine  2 x 1550 HP Man V12
Displacement 48 tons
Max speed 37 knots
Built New Demo
Price €3.400.000

Sossego Comfort 22 built in 2015 (designed by Mulder Design).