Small Superyacht

Do you prefer to go into the open water? No sea is too high for an Enkcraft Statum. When designing, we have of course taken into account the good sailing characteristics, but also the value proposition of a Enkcraft Statum: a lot of comfort and as little maintenance as possible. he yacht is semi-custom, making every Enkcraft Statum unique. The execution and styling of this yacht with its upright windows in the wheelhouse gives a nod to superyacht design, for which the Netherlands is so well-known around the world. This yacht comes in two versions: a steel cruiser and a fast aluminium motor yacht. You can choose from sizes ranging from 15 up to 24 metres.

In good company and for big companies

The Enkcraft Statum is designed for comfortable sailing with family, but is also perfect for spending a pleasant day cruising with a large group of friend and/or relations. Different seating areas on deck provide opportunities to enjoy the sun or the shade. Whichever you and your guests prefer.