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  • Installations and refits
    Installations and refits
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  • Gebroeders van Enkhuizen: kraan voor winterberging
    Winter Storage
    Winter Storage

Yacht Service

Welcome to our Yacht Service. As an all-round yacht service company you can come to us for new construction, refit, maintenance, repairs, installations, spare parts, moorings, winter storage and more. At our location in Makkum, Friesland, we have three sheds and a well-equipped workshop for the most common maintenance activities. Our location has a direct sailing connection with the open water.

Certified Allround Yachtservice

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is a HISWA Certified Allround Yachtservice Company. This is a quality mark for repair and maintenance of yachts. It sets standards for the level of training and equipment of the yacht service company and its employees. Certified companies work according to the same protocols by means of a checklist. On the basis of a checklist, the work is made clear to the consumer.


HISWA-RECRON is the branch association of Dutch companies in the water sports and recreation sector. As branch association, HISWA-RECRON represents the interests of these companies on a regional, national and international level. Gebroeders van Enkhuizen has been a member of HISWA-RECRON from the beginning. Within the organisation there is a separate department for yacht building. Ronald van Enkhuizen, co-owner of Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is Chairman of the yacht builders.

“Instead of sailing off into the sunset,
he hopes to sail into the next century.”

Dave Anderson

Yacht installations

Would you like to modernise or modify one or more installations on board? Then we can help you with that. As a builder of complete yachts we have experience with almost all installations on board. Think of (electrical) technical installations, navigation systems, drinking water systems, energy systems and so on. Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is originally a yacht installation company and is known for its clear and professional installations. In our experience well-organised, accessible and well thought-out installations result in fewer breakdowns, more sailing pleasure and preservation of the value of your yacht.


For every part of your yacht we go for the best quality and solutions. Over the years we have established dealerships with brand that we believe belong to this philosophy. For power systems we have been working with Mastervolt for more than 25 years. We have built up a great deal of experience in designing and installing power systems with Mastervolt components as basis. For navigation systems we are a recognised Raymarine installation point with expertise in NMEA2000-systems. Gebroeders van Enkhuizen also has an extensive marine engine department which is dealer of Yanmar and Vetus. We are also dealer of Side-Power.

Refits and woodworks

Besides building complete yachts, Gebroeders van Enkhuizen also refits existing yachts. We have all the facilities to customize your yacht. Both outside and inside. In our workshop we have an extensive carpentry department, which can refit interiors.



Our marina is located in the water sports area of Makkum. Also withing walking distance of the cosy centre of Makkum. The marina is spacious and accommodates 35 berths, each equipped with shore power. There is also an shower and toilet facility in the main building. You will also find a laundrette with washer and dryer. There is a free WIFI network at the marina.

Winter Storage

Your yacht can spend the winter with us both outside and in the hall. All winter storage facilities are available and, if desired, the yacht can remain connected to shore power throughout the winter period. Of course, as an all-round yacht service company, we can also carry out the necessary work. During the sailing season we can also store your yacht. Both for short and longer periods.

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen: Winterberging


We have a boat crane at our disposal that can lift up to forty tons. Our crane has an open construction, which enables us to place and move your yacht ashore with a standing mast. The crane is used for winter storage, but it is also possible to put your yacht ashore for a shorter period of time for e.g. maintenance work. In addition, our crane is used for inspection lifts.

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen: kraan voor winterberging

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