Flirting with nature

If you want to sail fast in a beautifully
designed yacht with every comfort,
then this is your yacht!

  • Sossego Comfort 22
    Sossego Comfort 22
    The Sossego Comfort 22 combines maximum comfort with minimum maintenance. It has a unique presence on the water, whether it be in the Mediterranean or in North European waters.
  • Sossego Sport 23
    Sossego Sport 23
    Technically the Sossego Sport 23 is a feat of engineering and, combined with its looks, this ship truly is a delight to sail in. Two diesel motors of 1100 hp each ensure that speeds in excess of 40 knots can easily be achieved.
  • Concept Sossego Comfort 30
    Concept Sossego Comfort 30
    The final details of the Sossego 30 are still under development but the initial design drawings indicate that this will again be an exceptionally striking and streamlined yacht.

Van der Valk Maritiem

Van der Valk Maritiem started building the first Sossego yacht in 2005. This was done in close cooperation with Gebroeders van Enkhuizen, a household name within the Dutch yacht building industry. The first Sossego Sport 23 was introduced to the world at the 2005 Cannes Boat Show and turned out to be a particularly attractive streamlined yacht. 
This marked the start of a highly succesful partnership. Gebroeders van Enkhuizen yacht building originated from a yacht installation and service company established in 1992 in Makkum, in the province of Friesland. They have been building complete, superior quality motor and sailing yachts at their own wharf since 1999. Characteristic is the careful 
finishing of the yachts: the flawless finish of the exterior and ‘behind the scenes’ in the state of the art technical installations.


Sossego 3D TOUR

3D TOUR Sossego 22