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An American flag? The Prudence, with Seattle as its home port, is the first Enksail Noordkaper built for an American client.

Building a ship on another continent. It was not ideal for the client in corona time. For a year and a half, their Enksail Noordkaper 46 existed because of COVIC ‘only digitally’. Using video tours, they were kept informed of the developments on board. When the Netherlands reopened for Americans, they travelled to the Netherlands to experience a part of the building process and to be there at the launching and first test runs on the IJsselmeer.

The Prudence will go to Washington, where the climate is like here in the Netherlands: often rainy and wet. Voyages to the coast of Alaska are also on the agenda. This was one of the reasons for the clients to choose an Enksail Noordkaper. During bad weather you can sit warm and dry in the pilothouse, while you still have a good view of what is happening out there.

At the moment the Prudence is in our winter storage, where the finishing touches and adjustments are being made. The ship is scheduled to sail to America in 2022.