About us

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is an all-round yachting company based in Makkum and established in 1992. You can contact us for yachtbuilding, refit, maintenance, repairs, installations, spare parts, berths and winter storage. We are the builder of the Enksail, Enksail Noordkaper, Enkcraft Mackum, Enkcraft Statum, Sossego Yachts and we also build complete custom-built yachts for both private individuals and other shipyards.

We are located on the Makkumer Zuidwaard, an area with many nautical organisations. On our premises, you will find several production sheds and a indoor winter storage. There is also a boat lift with a lifting capacity up to 40 tons that can crane ships up to 17 meters with standing mast. Whether it concerns new construction, refit, re-motorisation or all other forms of yacht technology or maintenance, you have come to the right place!

The beginning..

In 1992 Marina Makkum was opened, creating a large marine in Makkum. Obviously the yachts needed maintenance and repairs. Brothers Ronald and Marko van Enkhuizen founded yacht service and installation company Gebroeders van Enkhuizen. Marko: “A plan was quickly made. We started at home, clawed up the toolbox and searched for stuff together. From a box full of tools in a VW van, Gebroeders van Enkhuizen was born that year”.

The first weeks Marko and Ronald mainly carried out repairs and maintenance on boats. Soon larger installation jobs were added and it got busy. Brother-in-law Jan Visser also came to work in the company. The triumvirate that came into being is still standing. Ronald is a former skipper on the high seas and a gifted craftsman. Marko is the innovative builder with great technical insight and Jan is the specialist with a predilection for engines and installation.

The growth..

In the first year, Gebroeders van Enkhuizen delivers the first three complete installations for motor yachts. In addition, the company becomes a dealer of Mastervolt and Yanmar and importer of the English sailing yachts Sadler and Starlight. The first employee is hired and at Marina Makkum an office space of 7 by 7 meters is rented, which will be equipped as a store, office and workspace. From there the company steadily expands.

In 1999 the company buys its first building at the Strânwei 11 in Makkum. Gebroeders now has the opportunity to build complete yachts. In 2001 a second location with several workspaces is built. The number of employees is now ten. Almost every year one or more Noordkapers are built. IN 2007, in cooperation with Van der Valk Maritiem, the first Sossego Yacht is delivered: a fast sailing luxury motor yacht of 23 meters.

Wider orientation..

In the crisis years, Gebroeders van Enkhuizen began to orient themselves more broadly. The company started to focus on the maintenance of small commercial vessels such as fast police ribs, fast ferries, water taxis and survey boats. In 2017, a fast ferry wil even be launched, which shows the diversity of the company.

In 2010 Gebroeders van Enkhuizen takes over Strânwei 15. From now on the company has berths under its own management and the possibility to offer winter storage. In addition, a crane is purchased (which can lift up to 40 tons) which significantly increases the services.

Our own design..

In 1999 Gebroeders van Enkhuizen was stubborn enough to say that they could build complete yachts themselves better. Nowadays they are stubborn enough to have three complete series of yachts designed in which their own experiences, feedback from their customers and boatshow visitors are translated. Ronald: “The crisis years have proven that you have to focus broadly as a water sports company. The Netherlands and perhaps even Europe are too small for a constant basis. That is why we have developed a line of motor and sailing yachts that can be sold internationally”.

Marko: Marko: “Did I ever think that the company would become what it is today? No, never! We were young and had no idea. We didn’t dare to dream about it. It started as a hobby and actually it still is. We used to sail in small boats and stroll around fairs. Now we build yachts and are at the fair ourselves”.

Ronald: “We have a beautiful profession: we are always working with the hobby of our customers. We are allowed to build things that we used to only dream about. Actually, we are now building someone else’s dream. That is special. We are privileged that we are allowed to do that”.

Jan: “I am proud of the fact that we have been able to make such a wonderful company out of Gebroeders van Enkhuizen. We have built up a reputation: we are very highly regarded. I also like to see that there is a good atmosphere within the company. The staff is very involved with the company. And I think we contribute to that by giving them a very nice place here”.

The second generation is now working in the family business.