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Gebroeders van Enkhuizen will soon start building an Enksail Orion 49. This aluminium sailing yacht is designed by Kees van de Stadt of Satellite Yacht Design. The clients for this yacht are the Canadians Paul and Sheryl Shard.

Distant Shores
Paul and Sheryl are the hosts of the TV series Distant Shores. They have been sailing for over 30 years, have over 110,000 miles under their keel and crossed the ocean 9 times. They are sharing their travels through their TV-show, blog and Youtube channel. Also, they provide information to help others plan safe and comfortable long distance cruises with their own boat. The series is currently in its 13th season and is airing daily on Nautical Channel and AWE TV. The program can also be seen online on Vimeo On Demand.

Distant Shores IV
Before the actual building work begins, the name of the Enksail Orion is already known: Distant Shores IV. The Enksail Orion came to Paul and Sheryl’s attention as a suitable sailing yacht for a number of reasons. Namely, the possibility to customize the yacht to their wishes, the variable draught and the spacious pilothouse. This pilothouse has a great round sitting area with a 360 degrees visibility, which is fine both in the marina and while sailing. It offers the possibility to do the watchkeeping from inside the pilothouse.

We will have to wait a little longer for stories about the beautiful voyages that this Enksail Orion will undoubtedly make; delivery is scheduled in 2023. First, several clips will be made about the design and construction. You can follow Distant Shores on Facebook or

Currently, drawings are ready for the Enksail Orion 49 and 54. Also, a basic layout has been developed for an Enksail Orion 68.