Fun to sail in comfort
and safety

The Enksail

Since 1999 we build Noordkapers at our own yard in Makkum. The Noordkaper is a classic sailing yacht made out of steel with special characteristics that increase safety and comfort on board. Examples are the pilothouse, the high and sturdy sea rail and hydraulic keel construction. All these characteristics, together with all our experiences and feedback from customers, have been incorporated into a modern line of aluminium sailing yachts; the Enksail. In cooperation with Sea Level Yacht Design & Engineering, we have created a complete range of exclusive, high equality and distinctive yachts from 45 to 80 feet which really have no equal.

In brief

The Enksail is a sailing yacht with a very luxurious appearance that above all ensures a lot of sailing pleasure. We did not only put all our experiences in this design, but we have also taken into account the various wishes of our previous customers. For example, we are often told that there is a need for cooking with a view. From the Enksail 50 it is possible to place the galley in the pilothouse. There even is a sinking window in the back of the pilothouse to create a connection between the galley and the life in the cockpit.


Since our roots lie in yacht service and installation, you can expect us to install a well thought-out, perfectly functioning and easily accessible technical installation on board. The aim is to place as much of the technology as possible in one technical room, so that everything is good accessible and repairs can be carried out more easily. This technical area is accessible from the cockpit, so that you can keep an eye on everything while sailing.

Strong and safe

The Enksail is built from seawater resistant aluminium. All around you will find a fixed stainless steel sea railing of 90 cm above the deck. In addition, the cockpit is deep so you really ‘sit in the ship’. This will give you a safe feeling on board under all circumstances. In the mirror of the ship there is a valve that can be lowered. This valve can serve as a swimming platform, but also ensures that you can easily get on board from a dinghy.

Easy to man

The Enksail guarantees excellent sailing performance combined with a minimum of work for the crew. With the right tools you can easily sail the yacht alone or together. The most important lines are led from the mast to the cockpit in order to be able to sail as comfortably as possible. Moreover, there is a sufficient visibility inside the pilothouse which enable you to keep watch from inside while at sea: dry, comfortable and safe!

Attractive and functional interior

The Enksail is semi-custom-built, which means that the interior and styling can be completely tailored to your needs and can vary from very classic to hyper-modern. Not only in the pilothouse, but also below deck there is sufficient light through big ports and large windows in the hull. A bed with ocean view? The Enksail makes it possible. Our yard has extensive experience in custom-built and will assist you with advice and assistance.

“I can’t control de wind
but I can ajust the sail.”

Ricky Skaggs

What typifies an Enksail?

  • They are built in aluminium
  • They are equipped ith high-impact-glass hull windows
  • They are semi-custom built
  • They are of exceptional quality
  • They are CE-category A
  • They are entirely built in the Netherlands

Maintenance and service

Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is also committed to  the maintenance and servicing of existing yachts. Our shipyard will continue to provide support and service to keep your yacht in tip top condition, for many years to come. Therefore, you can look forward to many years of sailing pleasure with as little worry as possible. Ownership of a Enksail is something you will be, and will remain proud of.

Woud you like to know more about the Enksail

Would you like to know more about the Enksail? Our shipyard is located at the Strânwei 11 in Makkum. We would be happy to make time for you to discuss all your wished and our options.

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