Boat shows in 2018

By 15 January 2018News

Boat shows in 2018


Gebroeders van Enkhuizen will have a busy year participating in Boat Shows.

The market is on the rise and this is the moment to take the stage.
After our 25th anniversary in September 2017, where we reflected on where we came from, we will now focus fully on the future.

Boot Düsseldorf 20-28 January 2018 

We will start the year by participating in world’s largest boat and water sports fair: Boot Düsseldorf. We usually attend with a ship, but we have now set up an information booth in Hall 7A. We will express what we stand for and show what yachts we have built with passion. We are always proud of the final result and, not to forget, so are our clients.
Yachts usually speak for themselves, but this time we will need to translate our passion into words and images.

We will try to promote the existing Noordkaper range and the Sossego Yachts in Düsseldorf by presenting a lot of images and information. We will also show our new Enk-Yachts range. We want to express our ideas about them.
Lobke van Enkhuizen has studied the possibilities of shared yacht ownership and the ‘Buy & Charter’ concept in the past year. She is enthusiastic and can inform you about the possibilities, including a complete service concept and the fiscal options.

We have chosen for a booth in Hall 7A, next to the ‘Super Yachts hall’. This hall hosts a lot of custom-built yacht builders and we will be right at home there.

HISWA te Water 5-9 September 2018 Bataviahaven Lelystad

We will attend the HISWA te Water, held in Lelystad for the first time, with a Noordkaper 46 GT in September 2018. We are very curious about what the organisers of the HISWA te Water will set up. It is a great location and we are confident.

We believe that we, as Dutch yacht builders, must combine our strengths more often and this Dutch boat show offers a unique chance to do so. The HISWA te Water will host more Dutch yacht builders presenting their products than any other event. It deserves our focus and attention.

Dutch yacht builders have a good reputation abroad. We can see superyacht builders successfully promoting themselves abroad with their efforts combined in the HHYG (Hiswa Holland Yachting Group) and making a serious name for Dutch yacht builders.
It is now time for us, as smaller yards, to follow this example and this perfectly suits the idea of the HISWA te Water.
We will be present in Lelystad in September to proudly show our Noordkaper 46 GT.
It has become a very spacious and beautiful ship which has proven itself in terms of comfort and sailing. It has become a true Gebroeders van Enkhuizen product.

Yachting Festival Cannes 11-16 September 2018

September will be a busy fair month as we will attend Yachting Festival Cannes in Southern France from 11 to 16 September 2018 with the Sossego Comfort 22 together with Van der Valk Maritiem.

My French is poor, so I hope they speak some English.
Cannes is the place to be for a yacht like the Sossego Comfort 22. It will certainly be in its element and we expect a lot of visits and attention.
This will be the first time that Gebroeders van Enkhuizen attends this boat show and we are very curious about what we will encounter. The product certainly offers the recipe for a successful event; the Sossego Comfort 22 looks fantastic and has already proven to handle amazingly on the water.

We are currently looking at options for using the Sossego Comfort 22 ‘Falcon’ as a charter ship on the southern coast of France for single or multi-day trips and only with skipper, of course. It is a special ship and you need to know what you are doing when sailing at 35 knots.

We are looking forward to this year

We are certainly looking forward to this year. First Düsseldorf and then a busy season with ships returning to the water from mid-March, the new construction of the Wagenborg quick express ferry, installation work, and the regular maintenance jobs on the Yanmar engines and small commercial ships. Once the ferry has been completed in March 2018, we will immediately start with the completion of a Waterdream 65’ California, a 19-metre luxury fast-driven motor yacht commissioned by Waterdream.
September will be a busy fair month and we are very curious about the new location in Lelystad and the reception of the Sossego Comfort 22 in the waters of southern France.
2018 will be a busy, exciting but mainly also a fun year.
We are looking forward to it!

With kind regards,
Ronald C. van Enkhuizen