2017 is going to be a special year because we celebrate our 25th anniversary in September 2017.
At such a moment we look back and, fortunately, we look ahead.

We started as a small company, a space of 7 by 7 meters was big enough for workshop and office
all-in one. Something you can’t imagine if you see our company nowadays. Our company has been a true family business from the beginning and that’s always gone well, though the group of employees is much larger now than the number of family members.

From a small yacht service company we have grown into a fairly large watersports company but we have never forgotten our roots, we are still doing yacht service and yacht installations for our customers and other yards.

In 1999 our company has increased considerably by acquiring Jachtwerf Smits on the Strânwei in Makkum. We were so stubborn we thought we knew everything better to build complete yachts ourselves. We chose to build the Noordkaper sailing yachts, it’s a great ship with a beautiful design and a lot of potential to make something special out of it. Not simply do the job according to the drawings but add that little bit extra what makes us unique, a Noordkaper build by  Gebroeders van Enkhuizen is clearly recognizable. It does not only looks good, but everything functions well too. That is exactly how we are and what we expect from others working within our company; not only do what you need to do, but do it with passion and make something beautiful out of it!
Nevertheless the Dutch yacht building industry is  world renowned for its craftsmanship and high quality.

In addition to the Noordkaper sailing yachts we promote other models as well, by the good cooperation with Van der Valk Maritiem we build the fast modern Sossego Motor Yachts.
We also have installed a 24 m aluminium sailing yacht Truly Classic and a 60 foot Gerard Dijkstra design. We currently install a 19 x 9 meter catamaran at N. Dijkstra in Harlingen.

The last few years were good, the adjustments in our business operations in the lean years have meant that we now grow in size and ambitions.
At the moment we focus more and more on the changing market and foreign countries.
People want more comfort and less care, it should be easier. The experience seems to be more important than owning a yacht. As a company, but also as Chairman of the Board of the HISWA Yacht Building Industry Association we ensure that we are ready for this new trend. Now there is a reliable HISWA Boatshare Agreement where multiple people can possess one boat together. We are excited about this concept and offer a service package to ensure that the use of the yacht by its various owners goes well with a comprehensive maintenance package for the ship.

The yachts being built nowadays already offer much comfort but our engineers have come up with  many new developments. Consider, for example, facilitating the maneuver much easier or the  construction we developed to make it easier to come on board and we have more ingenious plans. In our new line Enk-Yachts many of these innovations are included.
Currently we are working on a dealer network for our Enk-Yachts so our ships also can be sold in other parts of the world.


As you can see, we go forward energetically and with confidence. We have done this for 25 years and hopefully there will be many beautiful years to come. The family Van Enkhuizen is excited, the next generation will be ready to continue the company at the moment we and the company are ready for it.

Ronald C. van Enkhuizen

Makkum, January 2017