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Blog trip Sossego Comfort 22 to Ancora Boatshow May 2016

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Sossego Comfort 22 at Ancora in-water Boat Show 27-29 May 2016

After the HISWA in-water Boat Show 2015 we showed the Sossego Comfort 22 to the public at Ancora in-water Boat Show from 27 until 29 May in Neustad in Holstein (Germany). There were many visitors. We hope for the same high amount of interest during our next boat show; the HISWA in-water Boat Show 2016 in Amsterdam Marina from Tuesday 30 August up to Sunday 4 September 2016.

The Ancora in-water Boat Show started as a local boat show, but nowadays all the big names are represented.
Besides our Sossego Comfort 22 there were lots of other fast motor yachts represented. For us this is a very interesting boat show because of its location. Neustad in Holstein is nearby Scandinavia, a very good sailing area for the Sossego Comfort 22.

From our own harbor in Makkum the Sossego Comfort 22 sailed to Neustad in Holstein and experienced the first touch with salt water. The North Sea led us to Brunsbuttel. Because of the maximum speed of 8 knots we had to sail slowly from Brunsbuttel to Kiel via the Kiel Canal. After the Kiel Canal we were able to increase the speed again.
It takes 280 miles to sail from Makkum to Neustad in Holstein. There are three locks to pass through. The good weather forecast on the day of departure (25th of May) motivated us to do the trip in one day.

It had been a while I made a similar trip. I have sailed the Kiel Canal many times with several sailing yachts and when I was younger as a sailor on a merchantrade ship.
I needed to refresh my knowledge, the internet helped a lot it was easy to find the special rules of the Kiel Canal.

The trip to Neustad in Holstein

We left in the early morning of May 25th 2016. The first lock was Kornwerderzand. When we sailes in the Makkumer Diep we called the lock keeper by VHF we were coming. It helped the lock was already open when we arrived, so this went smoothly. At 6am we left the locks of Kornwerderzand and sailed into the salt Wadden Sea. Via the Wadden- and the North Sea we sailed to the next lock at Brunsbuttel. Unfortunately we did not spot the Koegelwieck (the fast ferry of Rederij Doeksen) that we would like to catch up. The Wadden Sea was flat and quiet, but passing Vlieland the sea became quite rough for a while.
The yacht has a lot of comfort, the two cockpit seats were very pleasant during the trip. We passed busy sail areas, it was good to have four eyes on the water. There are two 15 inches Raymarine glassbridge displays on board of the Sossego Comfort 22. We have used those displays the whole trip for detail information and complete overview.


We sailed to the east near to the big waterways because there is not much shipping traffic. In addition we sailed around the anchorage area. This ensured calmness, tranquility and little oncoming trafifc on the North Sea, time for coffee and a snack!

We arrived at the locks of Brunsbuttel at 1pm. The lock was already open, good luck again. We seem to get our goal and arrive in Neustad in Holstein in one day.

In the Kiel Canal the maximum speed is eight knots, this is very slow compared with the speed we sailed at sea. When we eventually got used to the slow speed, we were able to enjoy the surroundings. We saw some beautiful mega yachts at the yard of Lürsen just beyond Rendsburg. The absence of the hanging ferry at Rendsbrug, was a little disappointing. You see this river crossing very often at pictures of the Kiel Canal. A little bit further, we saw the ferry on the quay, for some repair, or a pension? I do not know.

We went on to Kiel, the little locks for the yachts were out of order so we had to go into the locks with the commercial shipping. The locks were empty, lucky again.
At 7pm we left the locks. We needed to sail slowly, there were sailing contests in the Bay of Kiel. At 7.30pm we sailed on the Baltic Sea, and increased the speed up to 32 knots. The sea was quite calm. We passed a big ship, what turned out to be the coastguard. We waved friendly but the man on deck was not amused. Not much later we heard: “Dutch motor yacht Falcon, coastguard here”. We obeyed and went to the VHF channel that was requested. The coastguard let to us know that the maximum speed is 8 knots after the bridge of Fehrmann …..oops, our 25 knots was a little bit over the top. Fortunately, they were in a good mood, we only got a reprimand. I think they were in such a good mood, because the Netherlands did not join the European football tournament.
The sun went down, it is not pleasant to enter a harbor in the darkness so we speeded up to 32 knots after the buoy.

We did it! At 10pm we entered the Ancora Marina. It is a very modern and beautiful harbor in a very big watersport area. The harbor has big boxes, but the space to the other side was very limited for our yacht. The Falcon is equipped with a 3 dimensional steering joystick which controls the bow thruster, the stern and the engines. This, in combination with the camera’s on board, makes it easy to maneuver. A lot of people were flabbergasted that the ship fitted between the poles.

The visitors really appreciated our craftsmanship. Our presence was appreciated, apparently it was rare to have people on board who actually have built the boat. The big difference between the Ancora boat show and Dutch boat shows is the presence of importers. In the watersport area of Ancora are more importers than yachtbuilders. In Dutch boat shows are more little yards represented. The visitors did not expect that our yacht could sail 36 knots, there were a lot of surprised faces. As proud builders we had opened the engine room. We heard astonished cries when people saw the two MAN V12 1500HP engines.

It was really an amazing week and a wonderful trip. We hope to welcome a lot of visitors at the HISWA in-water Boat Show in Amsterdam (30th of August 2016 –
4th of September of 2016).

Ronald C. van Enkhuizen